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Retail Voice and Video over IP Termination

Voice and Video over IP convert visual imaging and audio signals into a digital form of data. The digital data are in turn introduced into data stream over the Internet. The data stream may be used for sharing data back and forth between two points, with all points using the Internet as the platform for communication. This is different from the traditional circuits of a public switched telephone network. Implement a D K Communications Limited Video over IP approach to communications and save a great deal of money on telecommunication functions.

D K Communications Limited Video over IP solution enables:

Simultaneous voice and video support
Automates the delivery to multiple device types
Access to call forwarding, call transferring, and call holding.
Added features will personalize and unify business communications,
Supports all the common media streaming formats.
Revenue generating opportunities for service providers.
Both TV and internet streaming enables multiple form video delivery
Billing and content management enables to offer value-added service
Attain competitive positioning in this very lucrative market segment.
Higher level of personalization and usability to video communications at any time any where.

a. IP Phone/ATA based connection.

VoIP phones (IP Phones) are phone handsets just like traditional ones, except that instead of connecting to a phone socket, IP Phones connect to your computer network using an Ethernet cable. IP phone uses Voice over IP technology allowing telephone calls to be made over an IP network such as the internet instead of the ordinary PSTN system. Calls can traverse the Internet, or a private IP Network such as that of a company. The phones use control protocols such as Session Initiation Protocol, Skinny Client Control Protocol or one of various proprietary protocols.
D K Communications Limited IP phone solutions offer a wide range of features and capabilities for deployment in enterprise, small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and residential applications IP phone solutions targeted at the enterprise and SMBs are feature-rich, low-cost desktop instruments that leverage the organization’s local- or wide-area IP-based network infrastructure. Residential IP phone solutions deliver high-quality voice service and simple, easy-to-use features.

It may have many features an analog phone doesn’t support, such as e-mail-like IDs for contacts that may be easier to remember than names or phone numbers.

Features of IP phones

Support SIP/IAX2
Caller ID
Dialing using name/ID
Locally stored and network-based
Voip speed dial
Voip digital map
User define ring tone
Conference and multiparty call
Voice promote
Configurable jitter buffer size
, Attendance in school and offices, Live news etc.
Color liquid crystal display (LCD), including dynamic soft keys for call features and functions
Support for information services, including Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities to extend IP phone systems
The capability to customize XML-based services to let users access a variety of information, such as stock quotes, employee directories, and web content

After having the dialer installed or after being logged to the appropriate website user can carry out calls. Connections are transferred to VoipSwitch and from there to the Voip gateways and/or gatekeepers. High quality of connection is possible even through the low speed Internet connection. Dialers can receive calls from the other users (pc2phone, IPphone), also they can be assigned a regular phone number (DID), transmitted from the VOIP gate or DID provide. Receiving incoming calls is also possible for the users behind NAT . User has an option of logging to the website with detailed information on billing. There is information on the current account status, detailed history of connections and possibility of exporting data to the file.

b. Callback (SMS/Web/DID)

Make low-cost international calls via a third country with D K Communications Limited callback services. The cost of making a telephone call via callback consists of two parts, as the caller is effectively paying for an outbound and inbound call at the same time. This may still be less expensive than calling directly at ISD rates, which is primarily why callbacks are used. Whenever D K Communications Limited callback user clients want to access a call, they dial the D K Communications Limited Callback services number which we provide on purchase of the product. Our router then calls them back and permits them to access long distance and international calls at very cheap rates. With this service any customer can access cost effective calling all around the globe. Moreover, our efficient technical team handles the entire back-end operations. D K Communications Limited Supports callback through SMS, Web and DID

c. SMS callback

SMS callback service enables initiating connection between two telephone numbers by sending a text message from the user’s cell phone. SMS, sent to the access number, is transferred to the callback module, which, after having analyzed the instruction, contacts VoipSwitch with the task of connecting given telephone numbers. The number leased from SMS carrier or the cell phone with the SMS forwarder application installed can be used as the access number for the SMS callback service. In the first case, SMS carrier accepts all the incoming SMS and forwards them to the chosen URL address, using HTTP POST method.
SMS callback module receives the message with the information on the telephone number the message originated from and then, after having analyzed the command, initiates the appropriate operations. In the second method, SMS sent from the client is received through the cell phone, connected to a computer with serial cable, with the SMS forwarder application installed (this application is provided along with the SMS callback package). The application reads each incoming text message and forwards it, with the information of the telephone number it was sent from, to the callback module, using HTTP POST method. SMS forwarder application can be installed on any given computer with the Internet access.
That allows having multiple access numbers utilizing only one VoipSwitch. After receiving the SMS, Callback module authorizes the client and, if it is successful, authorizes VoipSwitch to initiate connection with the numbers chosen. Incoming text message is authorized based on either the cell phone number, the message was sent from, or by checking login and password included in the massage. Below, there is a detailed list of the commands available for a client.

d. Web callback

Web Callback module for VoipSwitch enables initiating calls between two telephone numbers, using the callback software installed on the client’s computer or on the web. After being logged, two numbers have to be entered, one in the “destination” field and the other in the “source” field. Clicking on the “call” button will result in initiating connection between the two numbers chosen.

e. DID Callback

In DID callback service, callback is initiated by making a call from a regular or mobile phone to the provider’s access number. User calls the particular number and after hearing the ring tone hangs up (if user does not hang up, the system will automatically terminate the call after the set time). Connection is not carried out so user is not charged by the telecommunication operator. Depending on the set up, usually within a few seconds from the time the call is initiated, VoipSwitch calls back the user inquiring the phone number he/she wants to connect with. After dialing the desired number VoipSwitch connects user’s number and dialed number. If the connection does not succeed, e.g. the line is busy or there is no answer, user is requested to dial the number again. Also, if the called party terminates the connection, user can call another number without the necessity to initiate the callback service again.